• The UCP has rigged several laws against workers, including changes to overtime averaging, increased powers of the UCP-appointed Labour Board, changes to injured workers' benefits, and more. You can learn about key issues facing workers in this election here.

  • There are three methods to vote this election:

    Vote early (Tuesday, May 23 - Saturday, May 27)

    Advance voting takes place the week before Election Day, from Tuesday, May 23 through Saturday, May 27. You can vote at any advance voting location. Click here to find an advanced voting location near you!

    Vote on on Election Day (Monday, May 29)

    You can find your assigned voting location by entering your home address here. All Election Day voting locations are open from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.

    Vote by Special Ballot

    If you’re away from Alberta, or unable to attend an Advance or Election Day voting place, you may be eligible to vote by Special Ballot. To learn more and apply to vote by Special Ballot, click here.

  • To vote, you must prove your identity and current address. You can do this by:

    • Bring one piece of government-issued photo ID that includes your full name, current address, and photo
    • Bring two pieces of ID, both containing your full name, and with one showing your current address
    • Having another registered elector in your voting area vouch for you
    • Having an authorized signatory complete an attestation form

    You can learn more about what to bring with you here.

  • You do not need to register in advance, but you must be registered to be able to vote.

    If you've previously registered and your registration is up-to-date, you’re ready to vote!

    If you have not registered before or if you've recently moved or changed your name, you will need to re-register but you can do so on Election Day. Click here to register online by May 17 to make the process faster and easier. You may also register in person when you go to vote.

    To learn more about registering to vote, click here.

  • Click here to sign up to get updates and volunteer to help with the effort to contact your fellow members and get them to the polls. You can also check out our upcoming events here, and let us know which issues are most important to you here.